The East Region of Singapore


Most of the construction in this area were completed within 1988. All the constructions in the area were completed before they moved on to creating the MRT plans. The entire town was renamed Tampines. With the upcoming new infrastructure, it helped boost the development in the area providing an entirely new and upgraded look. With its modern finishes the city increased its levels to its journey on taking vibrancy to a greater extent. This town is able to cater to both the low-cost living and the high-end living with the many HDB developments. Many of its other neighborhoods soon made its way into completion and was renamed Tampines central. Other areas remained undeveloped until the year 2010 where a handful of condominiums began its extension into the area. Many of the new developments are now in-line with the Tampines North New Town Development. There are various shopping complexes in the area with a library and park that can cater to residents who want to live there.


Located in the East and known as one of the best hotspots for coastal living, Bedok will feed the soul of a voyager. Through the development of roads and highways, it made the area entire more accessible for people around. There are also many connecting points in Bedok that allows ease of travel to places like Changi and Tampines. Town is easy to be accessed as well. Transportation in the Bedok area is also convenient with 6 different stations in the area and a few stations that are also currently in development. This area is a residential development comprising of a variety of HDB flats with the majority of 3-4 bedroomed flats.


This area is filled with industrial sites and the well-known and infamous Airport. Not only does it come with the airport, but it also comes with a military. Although the immediate thought of this area would be it not being accessible or the lack of amenities in the area. This area is mainly designed to accommodate travelers with the various travelers that will grace the lands of Singapore on their journeys. Other areas in Changi are mostly industrial based such as some aerospace companies, however there are also a large base of industries within the area that are unrelated to the activities of Changi Airport. There are several condominiums in the area which are located close to amenities and is great for people who travel often.

Pasir Ris

This beautiful area received its name because of its sandy white beaches that go on and on. Located along the north-east coastline this town emits the similar sensations of a resort-like atmosphere. Certain areas in this city are still left underdeveloped and is also used for military training purposes. There are a variety of recreational areas in the Pasir Ris region, like the NTUC Downtown East that come with bowling alleys and it is also located close to the White Sands Shopping Centre, facilities like a swimming pool and a sports hall are also available to those who live there.

Paya Lebar

Paya Lebar is recognized as one of Singapore’s largest commercial hub, its main attraction is inclusive of its wide market produce. There are a variety of new projects upcoming in the Paya Lebar regions, one of them being Park Place Residence close to the Paya Lebar MRT exchange. Its completion is due by 2020, this space is also perfect for smart homes. Not only is Paya Lebar equipped with MRT stations and new projects, its new mega-project launch will be the transformation Paya Lebar can look forward to. The revival of Paya Lebar through its new Paya Lebar MRT interchange and the creation of the Paya Lebar Quarter which will comprise of office spaces, various shops and even private housing areas. This mixed development project will not only house many people, but it will also create unending opportunities for not only the people of Paya Lebar but also the people of Singapore.