Investing in real estate is a journey and not the destination. It must be a pleasant journey in which you must enjoy the process, the advice, the people, and the experience. A simple discomfort will bring about lasting pain; perhaps a pain that you remember all your life. Thus, it is very important to partner up with someone who will guide you and ensuring that it is a painless process.

    I have worked in the real estate sector since early 2000 and all these years, I have strived hard to ensure that my clients’ real estate needs are met in the most efficient and cost-effective way. I embark on this journey by getting to know my clients and their needs. Their background, habits, tastes, thoughts, values, and many other subtleties determine why, what, how, when and where they invest in real estate. It is partly true that this is honed through intuition and experience, but practice makes perfect. It is natural that I made mistakes over my entire career in real estate especially in the first few years but for every mistake, no matter how painful or painless, I learned from them, and they are never repeated. I have become religious in not repeating the same mistake. What I have learned and experienced paid off years after I started my career. I began to achieve significant results, getting awards for having the best sales for many consecutive years. I felt very honoured, and I am filled with joy when I received the awards. I have something to show for all my hard work. What I value in treasured relationships are bearing fruit.

    Everything must be done in a win-win situation for a relationship, be it personal or business to last. History has shown many times, again and again that failed relationships are partly due to misplaced trust. Trust, once broken cannot be easily repaired. So, to begin with, never let trust fail. Every single bit of advice that I have given is carefully thought out. No short cuts; no hidden agenda; full transparency; professionalism; prim, proper and presentable. Nothing short changed. You get the full service that I am prepared to offer. I am not selling candies but multimillion-dollar real estate solutions that meet your needs.

      GPS Alliance, No.1 Top Producer Award Winner since 2007

      Century 21, I have won the Double Centurion, Top Sales & No.1 Top Producer Awards.

      My Awards

      Top Producer of 2011 & 2012

      #1 Overall Producer of 2011, 2012 and 2013

      Top 3 Private (Sale) 2013

      Top 10 Resale Producers 2014

      Top Performance Star Champion

      Champions 2016

      2016 Singapore Top Regional Sales Associate (First Overall) 

      2017 Q1 Top Producers (Top Private Sale)

      2017 GA Champions (Top 10 Producers)

      2018 GA Champions (Top Private Sale)

      2019 Top Producers Century 21

      2020 Top Resale Huttons (2nd Runner up)

      2020 Top Producers Huttons (8th position)